mutual collaborations with Mr. Sarafraz

A Mahan team including: Dr. Shahbazi, Dr. Shahnavaz and Mr. Amir DoostMohammadi met with the Mr. Hossein Sarafraz, Deputy chairman of German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK) and Mr. Kasra Saffari, Public Relations Manager of the chamber at their headquarters.
Both parties discussed potentials for mutual collaborations and also Mr. Saffari presented a report on the improvements in negotiations with Esslingen University to hold a joint MBA program with Mahan.
Mr. Sarafraz made some suggestions regarding potentials for Mahan to find German businesses active in Oil and gas, Petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and Steel industries that can provide professional training and collaborate with them in order to cater to similar domestic industries in need of consulting and training.
At the end, the attendees agreed to form a joint taskforce for future cooperation.