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MBA Program


Our MBA program is designed to help you:

  • Expand your horizons
  • Think critically
  • Build your network
  • Lead with your intuition
  • Shape the future

Mahan’s MBA program has distinguished itself by being interactive, flexible, collaborative and practical. Our faculty members come from a wide variety of professions with remarkable leadership records whose only purpose is to help our students become their own best versions.

Students are provided with material extracted from the most recent references in the field of management and leadership and plenty of case studies to encourage class discussions and brainstorming.

Course duration: 250 hours

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Capacity: 15 people

What is an MBA?

The MBA course is an opportunity to gain applied and up-to-date knowledge and skills in the field of business management. Studying in the MBA course helps managers from different industries to manage the issues and challenges ahead with a broader view of business processes. Mahan MBA course is the only training course in Iran with Harvard University Case Study method that teaches managers to think creatively, solve problems and study problems from different dimensions. Mahan MBA course topics are updated with the business trend in the world and are localized according to the wishes and needs of Iranian managers and market conditions in the country.

Features of Mahan MBA course

Strategic business management

The advantages of MBA programs with Mahan

Sample Certificate of Completion of Mahan MBA Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have been in business for a few years and are now looking to improve your managerial skills and knowledge,

If you have a history of managing and leading a group of people or a team and you want to improve yourself, your team, your organization or work processes,

If you are looking for career and social advancement or you want to grow your business,

And if you want to become a generalist in business,

This course may be right for you.

• The biggest achievement of this course for you, as promised by Mahan High School of Business, will be a change in management attitude
• Upgrading your knowledge and management skills is your next achievement. At the end of this course, you are a manager who is aware of all layers of your organization
• What happens during this period is being in a business network. Your next achievement is the connections you make throughout the course, which then contribute to your personal and professional development.
Although the main purpose of studying in this course is not to get an MBA degree, but at the end you will receive a valid certificate that can be presented and cited in all professional situations.
• As a Mahan MBA student, you are honored to receive a special membership in the Mahan Business Club and enjoy its programs and benefits.
And finally, the promotion of job and social status is another achievement of this period

Not only in the MBA course, but in all management courses of Mahan Business School, professors are selected from among the best in the field of business. In addition to academic knowledge, these people have a unique professional resume, and each is a business of mine.

You can see the names of some of the professors of this course on this page. Get the full list of professors and their professional resumes from your academic advisor or refer to the top menu of the site, about us section, MBA professors tab.

Mahan MBA Certificate is a type of Certificate, approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and stamped by this organization.

The validity of this certificate can be inquired and followed by simply entering its serial number in the system of the Ministry of Science.

Mahan’s MBA certificate can be officially translated and stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Judiciary.