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DBA Program | strategic business management

Discover a focus and intensity greater than you may have thought possible. As a DBA student at Mahan Business School, you will be inspired and challenged to explore novel ideas and complex questions. Our DBA program is designed to develop outstanding business and industry leaders equipped with an academic outlook. In today’s complex business world, companies need leaders with a global perspective and equipped with exceptional research skills. The intensity of the DBA program demand energy and passion in the pursuit of greater understanding and a commitment to master the management concepts which are essential components of academic research. The curriculum is designed to equip students with the tools to pursue their research. The collaborative culture of Mahan Business School ensures that students study and work together which leads to friendships and enduring professional network.

Course duration: 300 hours

Start of the last course:

Capacity: 15 people

Benefits of the DBA Course Advanced Business Management Strategy

Features of the DBA Course in Advanced Business Strategic Management

DBA course topics

Excellent course in strategic business management

  • Strategic planning and thinking

  • Execution, including strategic execution, strategy execution and operational execution

  • marketing strategy

  • Organizational design - structure strategy

  • Financial strategy

  • Enterprise Strategy - Combining a portfolio

  • Strategic intelligence

  • Digital transformation and technological intelligence

  • Human resource strategy

  • Organizational culture and behavior strategy

  • Futurology

  • Service strategy

  • Adaptive space in strategy design

  • Economics and investment theories

  • Individual development strategies

  • Strategic control

  • Management consulting in four areas

  • Business psychology with a focus on interaction behavior analysis

  • Operational side workshops

Sample DBA Certificate of Completion

DBA course image gallery | Excellent course in strategic business management

Frequently Asked Questions

Mahan DBA course is designed with the aim of upgrading the capabilities of Iranian managers and turning these capabilities into skills with a strategic approach. By attending this course, in addition to changing management attitudes, you will gain planning skills at the macro level. This course will make you an experienced business strategist who will lead the organization to its goals by accurately diagnosing and charting the route.

This course helps to move beyond the world of management and approach organizational leadership levels by strengthening social and communication skills.

If you are looking for the highest level of business and you want to improve your scientific and operational knowledge along with your work experience,

If you have the motivation and concern to delve deeply into organizational issues and take a strategic look at processes,

If you want to be your own business strategist,

If you want to increase the scope of your communication in order to benefit from the experience and knowledge of other managers,

This course may be right for you

Acquire decision-making and decision-making skills at advanced levels

• Creating strategic thinking in the implementation, management and implementation of macro-organizational strategies

• 360-degree view of management, going from level to depth of issues, analysis and business analysis

Mahan DBA professors are selected from the best in the field of business. In addition to academic knowledge, these people have unique professional backgrounds in the field of business, and in other words, each of them is a successful business man. You can get the exact list of professors of each course from your academic advisor or select the professors tab in the top menu of the site, about us.

Mahan DBA Certificate is a type of Certificate approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and stamped by this organization.

The validity of this certificate can be inquired and followed by simply entering its serial number in the system of the Ministry of Science.

The Mahan DBA certificate can be officially translated and stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Judiciary.

Mahan DBA course is held only 4 times a year and each time with a careful selection, it selects 15 expert managers.

The main difference between Mahan DBA and other DBA courses is that this course is completely VIP, with a limited number of selected managers.

The teaching method in Mahan DBA courses is workshop and with the method of Case Study of Harvard University.