Swiss UMEF University

SWISS UMEF UNIVERSITY was founded in Geneva on April 26, 1984 by Professor Marc-François Maret, under the name of Institut Supérieur de Gestion et Communication (ISGC), with the aim of training managers with advanced leadership skills enabling them to be effective in a complex professional environment.

SWISS UMEF concentrates its offer in the fields of management and international relations leading to bachelor’s, master’s and continuing education degrees. SWISS UMEF has welcomed more than two thousand students from different nationalities who have had the privilege of studying with an international faculty highly qualified in their respective fields with skills balancing the most recent theories and experience of the professional world.

SWISS UMEF is positioned in the historical continuity of the rich European university tradition. Its campus is thus installed in a 15th century castle in Geneva. In addition, students have access, on this campus, to an exclusive natural and landscaped park of approximately two hectares.