Executive MBA

It is organized by Mahan Business School in cooperation with UMEF University of Switzerland

University of Management, Economics & Finance

This program allows the student to acquire mastery of the principles of strategic management, management control, financial management, human resources management, project management, etc., from a global approach. and transversal to the company.


Opportunities :

Various executive positions (administrative director, financial director, management controller, financial analyst, marketing director, cash manager, controller, internal auditor, etc.) within private and public entities and associations.

Course Detail

Course language: English

Course type: Online

Center organizing the course: UMEF University of Switzerland and Mahan Business School collaboration

Course type: part-time

Duration of the course: one year

University degree awarding center: UMEF University, Switzerland

Total hours of the course: 600 hours (300 hours of teaching and 300 hours of practice, study and student projects)

Start of the course: to be announced soon

Accrediting center: Swiss Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation

Targeted skills

  • The courses have been created so that each graduate, upon completion of this program, will have learned critical thinking, effective problem solving, effective communication, emotional intelligence skills, strategic thinking and planning, quantitative skills, innovation and critical analysis.
  • Students will be able to prepare an analysis of the variance of the cost of operations against the budget, and offer constructive advice on the reasons for cost overruns, and offer ways to reduce costs and vary the performance through the use of standard cost techniques.
  • Students will be able to take economic and managerial decisions taking into account the overall economic situation, given that the strategic units of the company are subject to the effects of many exogenous factors beyond the control of managers.
  • Students will be able to show that they have understood the impact of different types of leadership and approach in the organization and its consequences.
  • Students will be able to perform an analysis of the variance of the cost of operations against the budget, and offer constructive advice on the reasons for excessive costs, and offer cost reduction and performance variation measures using standard methods of cost assessment.

Notable items

This course is for managers

Managerial position and experience is essential

The course is in English

Proficiency in English is required

A bachelor's degree is required

The minimum level of education is a bachelor's degree

The investment amount is 6 thousand dollars

Payable in installments

Course contacts

Entrepreneurs and business owners

Senior business experts with the aim of career advancement

Middle business managers in all organizational units

Senior business managers in all organizational units

Training objectives

At the end of this program, the student has the ability to research and analyze quantitative and qualitative data. He has a critical sense and is able to use economic and financial language to analyze complex situations, argue and formulate rigorous proposals.

The main topics of the course

First Semester

Total duration: 300 hours of course + 300 hours of self-study by the student

Graduation and degree awarding requirements

75% attendance in the course

Doing all course projects and theses

Passing the final exams

Accreditation centers of the university SWISS UMEF

Advice and admission form

Total duration: 600 hours (one year)
Tuition fee: 6000 $