Joint Executive MBA Program

A Joint Executive MBA program by Mahan Business School and Swiss UMEF University is soon to be launched. The two schools have held joint MBA and DBA programs in the past and have been successful in training business and academic professionals through these programs.

The executive MBA is specifically designed for experienced professionals who aim to further develop their careers and leadership skills. The curriculum includes topics that encourage students to think critically and adopt a problem-solving attitude toward business issues. These skills are particularly crucial at a time when the world is still struggling with the economic and social consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and many countries face serious challenges like high inflation rates and food shortages due to the war in Ukraine and serious disruptions in global supply chains.

Training leaders who monitor these situations, analyze them and propose solutions that can mitigate risk and increase profitability for organizations in these complicated times, is an invaluable asset that this program is trying to provide for the students.