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Marketing Manager Course

The main focus of the Online Marketing Manager courses is to improve the skills in developing and managing programs, strategies, and marketing campaign. This course is localized according to the market conditions and needs and international standards. The main goal of the Marketing Manager course is to enhance the knowledge and skills of senior marketing activists.

Course duration: 100 hours

Start of the last course:

Capacity: 15 people

Benefits of the Comprehensive Course of Mahan Professional Marketing Manager

Features of Mahan Comprehensive Marketing Manager Course

Mahan Professional Marketing Manager Comprehensive Course Topics

  • Principles of marketing
    12 hours
  • market research
    12 hours
  • Market strategies
    12 hours
  • Brand management
    12 hours
  • Design and development of marketing plan
    12 hours
  • Familiarity with marketing tools
    8 hours
  • Advertising campaign design
    8 hours
  • Consumer behavior
    8 hours
  • Matrix Marketing
    6 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most important goals of this course is to train marketing specialists. Also, creating a professional educational environment for learners who, in addition to acquiring up-to-date knowledge and skills in this field, can gain valuable experiences by being in a communication network and using these experiences and learnings to provide Professional solutions in business.

Individual and organizational development through the acquisition of fully applied and up-to-date knowledge and skills in the field of marketing
Presence among a group of marketing managers of good and big companies and benefiting from a professional business and communication network and gaining valuable experiences
Receive a valid certificate approved by the Ministry of Science
Honorary membership in Mahan Business Club and benefiting from the services of Mahan Business Club, including: specialized seminars, programs of a cup of tea with experience and other services and events
Presence of specialized and experienced professors in the field of marketing

Applicants for this course are:

CEOs and business owners
Marketing managers of large Iranian companies
Marketing experts who want to improve their career and professionalism


  • At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate approved by the Ministry of Science with a hologram of the Ministry of Science, which can be translated and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Judiciary for presentation to foreign countries.
  • Develop a strategist and marketing specialist
    Presenting and compiling up-to-date educational methods and content in accordance with the Iranian business environment
    Benefiting from professors who are experts in the field of marketing and have been consultants to very large companies in Iran and abroad.
    Possibility to benefit from Mahan Business Club, which offers a lot of services such as specialized seminars, programs of a cup of tea with experience and other services to the students of the course.
    The presence of knowledgeable people who are marketing managers, CEOs or marketing experts of large companies in Iran and very valuable experiences are interacted between learners through this communication and business network.

In this course, two groups of professors teach:

The first group of professors who, in addition to science and scientific learning, have practical and completely professional experiences in the field of teaching, and in addition to presenting the latest management topics, also transfer their experiences to knowledgeable students and experts in this field. Are.
The second group are course mentors who are the CEO or successful and professional consultants of large and well-known endo companies who train their experiences in mentoring sessions through Case Study.

At the end of the course you will be able to properly execute and manage all the following processes:

Recognize and conduct basic market research relevant to your product and service
Develop, implement and evaluate marketing strategies
Creating proper brand identity and organizational brand management
Ability to manage and lead the team
Develop a marketing plan, manage its proper implementation by the team and analyze the results
Recognize and use up-to-date tools and methods in marketing
Formulation of advertising campaigns and analysis of the obtained results

Due to the importance and necessity of professional marketing processes in a highly competitive business environment, managers can learn up-to-date techniques and skills in this area to develop their business in terms of market share, marketing plans, strategy development. To increase brand strength among competitors and become professional specialists and strategists in this field in order to increase the profitability and productivity of the business, so it can be said that investing in the acquisition of such knowledge and specialized skills And professionalism is considered valuable.