Fashion Management

(Fashion Merchandising and Marketing Management)

La Prima Universita Digitale Italiana

in collaboration with Mahan Business School

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Masters and Advanced Professional Programs

Guglielmo Marconi University offers different study programs that are aimed at integrating knowledge and skills in different professional sectors and areas of interest, meeting undergraduate and postgraduate students’ need to complete their educational path as well as to pursue their professional growth. All the activities provide a contribution to the promotion of the students’ career improvement.

Course Detail

Course language: English

Course type: Online

Center organizing the course: Guglielmo Marconi University in Collaboration with Mahan Business School

Course type: part-time

Duration of the course: 4 to 5 months

Awarding center: Guglielmo Marconi University, Italy

Total hours of the course: 60 hours + 42 hours (prerequisite)

Start of the course: February 2023

Accrediting center: Italian Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation


The fashion industry has always expressed a great economic and creative potential, particularly in Italy where it represents a historical sector of excellence. Thanks to the manufacturing and tailoring tradition as well as the creativity and the innovative ability of its great designers, the “Made in Italy” label has found in the fashion industry an important vehicle for its growth, both from the cultural/artistic and the economic/commercial point of view. The Fashion Merchandising and Marketing Management was designed by Marconi University to capitalize the value of the Italian styling tradition and to improve professional training and refreshment in this ever-evolving sector.

Learning Objectives

Like all the programs at Marconi University, the Fashion Merchandising and Marketing Management is based on a concept called “Outcomes Based Learning”. This breaks up the educational experience into the categories of knowledge and ability, identifying the things a student should know and be able to do upon completion.

The program is structured to train professionals to meet the needs of internationally renowned fashion designers, through an innovative approach combining theoretical knowledge with practical experiences. Virtual laboratories, case studies, lectures and testimonies given by experts in the field ensure a highly practical and operational approach which emphasizes the Italian creativity and management system that made the fashion sector an excellence in the world.

Module1 : Brand Management

This module looks at the varied aspects that have shaped the luxury industry in the past five years,
with a modern take on several issues that are relevant to luxury brand management today, taking
in account themes like classic PR and brand extensions.

Module2 : Contemporary fashion promotion and distribution

This module looks at the contemporary approaches of promotion and distribution, taking in consideration the recent developments that have supported growth for luxury and fashion brands, like the proactive use of the online resources in terms of delivering not only products but experiences.

Module 3: Industry Analysis

This module looks to combine the classic and fundamental aspects of luxury and fashion brand management along with examples of modern management that looks at the future of the industry.

Outcomes and Professional Profile

The program was developed for those looking for professional training and refreshment in the field of fashion conception and design, in the realization of the fashion product, in the management and valorization of a fashion factory through appropriate communication and promotion strategies.

More specifically, the expert in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing Management will be able to follow the whole process of the fashion industry, from the products planning and design tithe marketing, promotion and communication activities (e.g. fashion shows, showrooms, magazines, etc.)

 He/she can manage the entire fashion product lifecycle until its distribution and introduction to the targeted market.

Scientific officer of the course

  • Professional doctorate (DBA) in business management from Tehran University
  • Post MBA, MBA in brand management from Michigan Advertising School, Turkey
  • Marketing and advertising manager of Jaro and Sinbad companies, Turkey
  • Branch manager at Marka, Alfa and Data advertising and branding agencies, Turkey
  • Designer and copywriter of the branding program of the Megapars project, Shariati Cup project in Tehran
  • An exemplary professor of tourism marketing, chosen by the tourism organization and the Tehran Guides Association
  • Teaching advertising management and brand management courses
  • Lecturer of brand management, brand leadership, advertising campaign writing and media planning courses in Raitel, Mohoram Aul, Iran Khodro, Sada and Sima companies.

Consultation and Admission Form

Total duration: 60 hours + 42 hours (prerequisite)
Tuition fee: 2000 $

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