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Angela Merkel

Chancellor of Germany

The Leipzig School of Management has made a significant contribution to German economic development. This is not only because of the excellent quality of its education, but also because the university is a flagship among entrepreneurs and startups in Germany.

Christine Lagarde

President of the European Central Bank

As one of the oldest business schools in Europe, the HHL acknowledges my belief that there must be “something special” in Leipzig’s soil and water. Note: Goethe, Gottfried Labnitz, Nietzsche, Richard Wagner, and of course Angela Merkel.
All of them drank from the deep well of science and knowledge of this city.

Prof. Michael E. Porter

Master at Harvard Business School Honorary PhD from HHL

HHL is a university that shares some of my core competencies as a researcher. HHL is the link between academic research, theoretical development and real-world application.

About the HHL University of Leipzig, Germany

HHL School of Management

The oldest business school in German-speaking countries (123 years old)
Highest income for graduates in the 2021 Financial Times rankings for senior management graduates
The first choice in Germany for business-oriented training
Ranked second in the world in senior management

(Times Higher Education / wall street journal 2019)

Course introduction

All successful businesses emphasize the evolution of the business model by identifying opportunities and using new digital tools. In this course, you will be introduced to the best and most up-to-date global strategies for selecting the best ideas for digital transformation for the organization in which you are a role model or the business you have created.

Objectives of the Digital Transformation Period

The goal of the digital transformation era is to provide tools for observation and analysis and to understand how rapidly the role of digital technologies is changing; Change from relative impact to fundamental innovative developments in each sector and union.
This course introduces students to different perspectives on digital transformation and offers a new definition of the use of innovative technologies, data and business communications to create value, revenue and productivity. Digital transformation is based on rebuilding a business’s resources, reviewing relationships in the form of ecosystems or platform business models. This course also explores a different approach to transformation, including important capabilities that are necessary for success on the battlefield.

The structure of the digital transformation period

This course consists of eight interconnected modules:

Course achievements
  • 1. Explain the main concepts related to digital technologies and controversial innovations and understand new business models in the digital world.

  • 2. Explain and apply the concepts, models of digital maturity and the roadmap for digital transformation so that they can provide solutions for its current and future challenges.

  • 3. Apply theoretical perspectives to analyze digital markets and be involved in capacity building and managerial decisions while maintaining the function of their organization during the course of evolution.

  • 4. Received an official diploma from the University of Leipzig, Germany

International course professors

Prof. Dr. Carsten Barch

Vice Chancellor of Bavaria School of Economics

Professor Barch is one of the leading thinkers and experts in the field of digital transformation. One of the top executives of vesto, which is one of the most innovative crypto platforms, is also well known in the field of digital transformation in Iran by attending two international conferences on banking and payment systems organized by the Monetary and Banking Research Institute of the Central Bank. Key was very well received by the audience.
Prof. Barch, lecturer in digital transformation at the Bavarian School of Economics in Germany, is a professor and faculty member at the HHL Leipzig Business School in Munich, providing innovative and innovative solutions for banks and financial institutions. As CEO of DB&P, he has led the management of numerous digital transformation projects in various countries.

Prof. Claudia Lehmann

Professor Claudia Lehmann is Professor of Digital Innovation in the Service Industry and Executive Director of the Center for Leading Innovation and Cooperation (CLIC) at the HHL Leipzig School of Management. Prior to joining the HHL, Prof. Claudia Lehmann worked with several large German companies in planning and overseeing R&D projects as a consultant, supporter in the field of digital transformation, and as a leader in digital transformation for Lufthansa in the United States. .
Professor Claudia Lehmann is a graduate of the Technische Universit√§t University of Dresden, Germany, holds a Master’s degree in Engineering and Business Administration with a specialization in Aviation Engineering and has contributed to a number of journals as a writer / author and editor / editor. In addition, he is a member of the Academy of Management and the European Service Research Association.

Dr. Wolfgang Decker

With more than 25 years of executive experience, Dr. Wolfgang Decker is known as an industry consultant and a large family business profile. He is the former CEO of Accenture, a leader in the field of IoT platforms, analytics and digital transformation services. He has managed numerous projects in the field of digital business models as well as the process of transformation from product-to-service, and cooperation with financial institutions and advanced technologies is one of his executive records.
Dr. Wolfgang Decker currently chairs a group that specializes in payment security systems and has recently been responsible for setting up and establishing financial services for German-speaking markets, with more than 220 digital transformation professionals and staff. They operated under his leadership. In this course, he will discuss technology and innovation in digital transformation.

Mr Tom Fleerackers

Faculty member of Antwerp University, Belgium

Specializes in digital culture and social media. He is a graduate of Business Administration and Strategic Communication Sciences in Antwerp and the University of Carl DeGrut in Belgium.
He is also a visiting professor at the Austrian Exhibition Center and the Bavarian School of Economics. He constantly monitors the realities of the digital world.
In this course, he will address the issues of digital experience and customer evolution.

About the president of the university

Dr. Stephen Stabner

HHL Department

He is also the Director of Strategic Management and Digital Entrepreneurship at Porsche Germany.

Course topics

  • Fundamentals of Digital Transformation - Dr. Barch
    90 Min

Digital transformation strategy
Change management for digital transformation

  • Evolution in Customer Relationships - Tom Flee Rockers
    180 Min

Moving from the 4P marketing model to the 4E model
Create a customer experience, from multi-channel to all-channel
Create personalized experiences for each single customer

  • The Evolution of Business Models - Dr. Barch
    270 Min

Dynamic business model canvas
A case study of Netflix and Amazon business models

  • Digital Innovation - Dr. Lehmann
    360 Min

Fundamentals of Innovation Management (Digital)
Areas of innovation – product, service, business model
Creating innovation ecosystems
Creating companies with a culture of internal innovation

  • Digital Options - Tom Flee Rockers
    180 Min

Understanding customer needs in the digital environment
Digital customer travel model
Create options for the future
Analysis of main technology and market trends

  • Digital Maturity - Dr. Barch and Dr. Decker
    90 Min

Digital maturity components
Digital maturity model
Assessing the digital maturity of companies
KPI-based leadership approach to achieving digital maturity
Industry X.0

  • Technology and Trends - Dr. Decker
    360 Min

Machine learning and artificial intelligence in digital transformation
Customer acceptance solutions
Gathering vs. Data Analysis – Big Data

  • Digital Leadership - Dr. Barch and Dr. Decker
    180 Min

The importance of understanding change
Principles of leadership in transformational environments
Lessons from startups
Entrepreneurship within the organization
Agile leadership methods

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