3rd Australia Entrepreneureship Boot Camp

Introducing the Australian Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Course​

Australia has one of the best economies in the world. Therefore, it can be a very good destination for people who want to start a business or develop their business. But in this way, there may be unforeseen problems and difficulties. There is a nose for entrepreneurs.

Hence, a missing link for Iranian managers who intend to become entrepreneurs or establish a two-way relationship with Australia is seen in our country, Iran.

To this end, the Australian Entrepreneurship Boot Camp by Mahan Business School in collaboration with Select Visa, for the first time outside Australia, in order to increase the success rate and self-esteem of Iranians who intend to start a business in Australia. Are being held.

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Course duration: 16.5 hours

Australian Boot Camp contacts​

Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Objectives
Course achievements
  • 1- Creating a suitable network for entrepreneurs (both in Iran and in Australia)

  • 2- - Introducing successful people and entrepreneurs and prominent scientific figures in Australia and benefiting from their experiences

  • 3- Identifying the important potential between Australia and Iran and using it

Australian Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Mentors​

Mr. Amin Akafpour

Strategic Director and Market Development of International Selection Institute (active in the field of business development and entrepreneurship of Iran and Australia)

Vice President of Network Development of Negin Khodro Company (Renault representative in Iran)

Sales Vice President of Gilran Motor Company (Exclusive Representative of Geely Company in Iran)

Scientific membership in Qazvin University Science and Technology Park (the country’s top growth center in 1992)
Member of the Young Researchers and Elites Club
Member of Iranian Association of Industrial Engineers
Member of Iran Value Engineering Knowledge Reference

Mr. Hamidreza Managhebi

Chairman of the Iran-Australia Joint Chamber of Commerce

PhD in Business Management, Allameh Tabatabai University

Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Accounting and Management, Allameh Tabatabaei University and the Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran

Export marketing instructor in Tehran Chamber of Commerce training center

Dear Professor Ronagh

Faculty member of the University of Western Sydney, Australia with the title of Full Professor

-Oct 2015- Present Professor, Institute for Infrastructure Eng., Western Sydney University
– July 2004- Aug. 2015 Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Civil Eng., The University of Queensland

July 1999- July 2004 Lecturer, Dept. of Civil Eng., The University of Queensland

Dear Mr. Arash Koohi

– Co-founder of Viva Petroleum Pty Ltd, a company active in the distribution of petroleum products in the state of New South Wales, Australia.
– Co-founder of Viva Burgers Pty Ltd in the food and restaurant industry in New South Wales, Australia

– Managing Director of Petrosam Darya Arvand Company (active in the field of oil and gas drilling services in Tehran and Khuzestan province)
– Shareholder of Niam Kish International Offshore Petro Company (iPhone) (one of the 5 largest oil and gas drilling companies in Iran)

Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Contents

  • Understanding the situation in Australia - Mr. Arash Koohi
    120 min
  • Exports and imports between Iran and Australia - Mr. Managhebi
    90 min
  • Investment Opportunities - Mr. Akafpour
    120 min
  • Construction area - Mr. Ronagh
    90 min
  • Business Etiquette
    120 min
  • Housing Investment - Dr. Hajipour
    90 min
  • Finance - Mr. Mohsen Rasouli
    120 min
  • Starting and managing a business - Mr. Arian and Mr. Akafpour
    240 min

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