• Mohammad Hossein Ghosi

    Mahan MBS Faculty
    Mohammad Hossein GHosi

    Educational Background:

    MBA of Industrial Management organization

    Teaching Background:

    Master of Scientific Committee of largest conference ofMBA and DBA in Mahan

    Master of MBA courses in Mahan Business School

    Management Background

    Teaches the principles, techniques and art of negotiation from 2003

    Founder and CEO and Board Member of MoujAndisheNovinBaspar factory from 2004

    Commercial Manager and Management RepresentativeBaghaBaspar Company from 2004

    Consultant of Business Professional Negotiations from 1999

    Scientific Books:

    Book of techniques,Principles and the art of negotiating with attitude of Iran marketing (marketing pub)

    Traps and negotiation games (Mahan pub)

    Sales and marketing and planning marketing strategic program

    Analysis of business risk and related negotiations

    Data Gathering methods

    Quality management and audit systems - ISO 9001-2008

    Customer Satisfaction measure

    Change management and knowledge management

    Human Resource Management

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