• Dr Ali Mohammad BIDARMAGHZ

    Mahan MBS Faculty

    Dr. Ali Mohammad BIDARMAGHZ

    International Practical Formalities Lecturer and Instructor

    Dr. Ali Mohammad BIDARMAGHZ- Expert in designing and evaluating speeches, congresses, meetings and national and international tours.

    · Educational background:

    - BA in literature

    - MA in politics

    · Managerial and executive background:

    - The first consultant of the political board (retired)

    - The third secretary of Iran embassy in Moscow

    - The chairman of the formalities of Islamic Republic of Iran permanent delegation in UN, New York

    - The ex-manager of ritual training scheme in Foreign Ministry’s department of international and political studies

    - International trade manager of Tavous-e Beheshti-e Kish sailing company

    - The person in charge of the formalities of the meeting with the general secretary of the UN and the Islamic countries chief’s conference

    - The lecturer of the materials of formalities in the UN- New York

    - A member of the preparing team of several national, regional and international conventions

    - A member of science committee of the greatest Mahan’s DBA and MBA convention

    - Posture and gesture interpreter.

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