Mahan MBS Faculty
    Dr Vahid GHORBANI
    Educational Background:

    - PhD in Management, Human Resource Management,

    - MA of Governmental Management, MSI from Allameh Tabatabaei University,

    - BA in Governmental Management from Tehran University.

    · Scientific Background:

    -A faculty member of Azad University,

    - Professor of MBA courses in Mahan Business School,

    - Author of Masters’ levels books in Entrepreneurship,

    - Professor of Theories of Management (Organization and Management),

    -Principles of Supervision Management of Organizational Behavior, Marketing Management, Time Management, Purchasing and Storage Management, Management Information Systems, BioRythm,

    - Holding educational seminars in companies and domestic and foreign institutions.

    · Executive Background:

    -Instructor and faculty member of Iranian universities,

    -Human Resource Consultant of Compiling Strategic Human Resource Document of Iran Oil Ministry of Islamic Republic of IRAN.

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