Mahan MBS Faculty

    Dr Hossein SEYED ALMASI

    -PhD in Financial Management and Professor of Economic Sciences Univ.,

    - Research in the French Monetary Market regarding allocation of financial facilities to production and industrial sectors,

    - Member of official experts at Iranian Judiciary in accounting and auditing field,

    - Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Accounting and Economics Institute of the Expert Accountants in France,

    - Holder of the 1st degree scientific certificate from the Ministry of Science,

    - Managing Director of the former Tehran Bank, first Director of Melli bank in Iran,

    -Member of high council of banks- member of Council of Money and Credit Bank of Iran,

    - Member of Paris Institute of Political Sciences,

    -Granted scholarship from Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran for education in Paris University,

    - Deputy Secretary for the largest international conference of Mahan MBA and DBA.

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