• Dr Majid SAYYARI

    Mahan MBS Faculty

    Dr Majid SAYYARI

    · Educational background:

    - BA in physics from Tehran Teachers Training University

    - MA in physics from Sharif Industrial University

    - PhD in physics from Sharif Industrial University

    · Social Responsibilities:

    - The chairman of Tehran Entrepreneurship Center

    - The chairman of the board of the directors of Iran's higher education institutes

    - National referee of the Iran's elected entrepreneurs festival

    · Acquired Honors:

    - The select student in BA course and the second best person in the PhD exam

    - The elected entrepreneur of Tehran in 1387 (2006)

    - The elected entrepreneur of Tehran in 1388 (2007)

    - Elected among 100 of Best Iranian brands in 1387 (2006)

    - Elected in the motion festival of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in 1388 (2007)

    - Elected in the first national convention of Iran's skill and training pioneers in 1389 (2008)

    - Elected in the sixth festival of Iran's industrial champions

    · The active institutes which are established by Mr. Sayyari:

    - Mahan Higher Education Institute

    - Mahan science and technique cooperation organization

    - Parto-e Danesh Institute

    - Jahan Pishro Institute

    - Iranian Nanotechnology Institute

    - Development of Modern Iran Assembly

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