• Dr Masoud HEYDARI

    Mahan MBS Faculty

    Dr Masoud HEYDARI

    - The Iranian Icon and Professor of “Principles & Methods of Negotiations” & “International Contracts”

    - Holder of 2 PhD degrees in Law and Political Sciences from Tehran Univ. & Pitsburge Univ.-Pennsylvania- U.S.

    Academic & Educational Background:

    - A Faculty member of Tehran Univ. Economic Research Institute (1960),

    - A Faculty member & deputy of Higher Education School of Math & Economics Management, Karaj, Tehran (1971)

    - A founder of Iran Planning Institute affiliated to the Planning Organization (1975),

    - A Faculty member of Industrial Management Org. (since 1982).

    Management and Executive Positions:

    - Director of the research group in International Economics,

    - The scientific secretory to the greatest MBA & DBA conferences of Mahan Business School (MBS) ,

    - A member of the research group to find barriers to Iran Economic Development at Tehran Univ. Economic Research Institute.

    - The superior Consultant of International Management Org.

    Works (Author/Translator):

    - The effects of the world’s political conditions and the great governmental politics on the political Mashrooteh Movement of IRAN,

    - U.S. and France Revolutions Political Theories,

    - The significance and role of planning in Management,

    - Recognition in the Public International Law,

    - The principles & Methods of Negotiations,

    - Educational Package of The principles & Methods of Negotiations by tendency to the foreign negotiations

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