Mahan MBS Faculty
    Dr Naser MIRSEPASI
    The Human Resource Management Icon of Iran

    - Director of MBA Group of Mahan Business School (MBS)

    - Professor of Human Resource Management in Tehran Science & research Univ

    Educational Background:

    - PhD in the Governmental Management from Washington D.C. University,

    Academic & Professional Backgrounds:

    - A faculty member of Tehran College of Management & Economics,

    - Director of Management Groups in Tehran Management University,

    - The Editor of Economics & Management Magazine of Tehran Azad Univ.,

    - An editorial member of Urban Management Magazine in Tehran,

    - An editorial member of Strategic Defense Studies Magazines,

    - Former Chairman of Iran Management Sciences Association

    - Chairman of the Board of Directors in “Innovator International Institute”

    - Planner of Jobs Categorization (by certificate from Labor & Social Affairs Ministry)

    Works (Author/Translator)
      Strategic Management of Human Resource and Work Relations (24th Edition)

      Human Resource Management and Work Relations, practice and articles (2th Edition).

      Organizational Culture Management (with Ms. Parichehr Gorji).

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