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    Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


    3 year

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    60 European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS)

    Teaching language


    About UMEF:

    Welcome to UMEF University

    Founded in April 1984 by Professor Marc François Maret, SWISS UMEF UNIVERSITY formerly known as ISGC (Institut de Supérieur de Gestion et Communication), has as objective to train students in management science, tourism, hotel business and computer science. Locally, ISGC has registered resounding success with an ever increasing number of students. When Mr. Maret retired in 2008, it was Professor Djawed Sangdel who took over management. Upon taking office, Mr. Sangdel drew up new programs. He surrounded himself with new employees and took upon himself to strengthen excellence in research by the commitment of professor-researchers and practitioners to increase the influence of SWISS UMEF UNIVERSITY UMEF. On the other hand; he put in place a new strategy of opening to the world and cooperation with partner universities. In four years, Sangdel opened six SWISS UMEF UNIVERSITY campuses on three continents (Dakar, Kabul and Geneva) and signed about ten cooperation agreements with several private universities.

    Doctor of Business Administration:


    The UMEF Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a professional doctoral degree designed to enhance executive, professional practice and senior manager.

    • Is looking for an internationally recognized research qualification
    • Advanced research techniques to issues of Managerial
    • A new managerial ideas and practices
    • Focusing their research on a current business issue within their organization
    • How effective managers lead, how they make decisions
    • How they motivate employees to achieve superior results in leading organizations

    Program Mission:

    The mission of the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program serves the needs of mature students, helping them to advance in their careers through quality graduate education. The program is designed to graduate scholar practitioners who will set the standard for best practice and contribute to the solution of critical business and management problems through research, teaching, and consulting. The program is designed to serve the needs of both fully employed and full time students. Doctor of Business Administration program is designed for experienced business professionals who want to translate their industry expertise into leadership positions as consultants or as executives within their organizations.

    Depending on the student’s academic preference, one of two tracks must be chosen. Both tracks require a doctoral research methods course and a proposal for either Track I: Doctoral Project or Track II: Dissertation. The proposal course creates an opportunity for the student to demonstrate application of the knowledge and skills gained in the course work portion of the program and demonstrate the critical thinking and analytical skills required to successfully complete the Doctoral Project or Dissertation.

    Reasons to pursue mutual DBA program of Mahan Business School & UMEF:

    1-Receiving the same quality of higher education as overseas in Iran
    2-Receiving international educational degrees &certificates in Iran
    3-stay close to business opportunities in the home country
    4-Developing their international language skills through such programs
    5-Exposure to international & foreign professors as well as instructors
    6-Exposure to international methods of teaching at the home country
    7-Receiving update international scientific & educational content within the program
    8-Enrolling in cost effective international MBA & DBA programs in Iran offered by MBS
    9-Saving on a lot of expenses by not traveling overseas for educational purposes
    10-Gaining international managerial knowledge & skills through such programs at the home country
    11-Investing their financial resources here at home (Iran) and contribute directly in development of the home country’s economy
    12-Avoid cultural shock overseas
    13-Exposure to the realities, challenges and resolution of the global markets here at home without contributing great deal of personal capital through such programs
    14-Exposure to international educational opportunities here in Iran
    15-Building & developing international business ventures through such programs at the home country
    16-  UMEF is a top International University
    17-More than 2500 students from over 24 nationalities
    18-Double degree from UMEF Geneva and one of our partners
    19-We offer Swiss excellence with an international perspective
    20-UMEF has established and maintains standards of excellence
    21-UMEF Group is active on three Continents: Europe, Asia , Africa and Iran
    22-More than 100 highly qualified Professors with more than
    23-18 nationalities represented
    24-Six campuses on three continents
    25-A network of over 600 universities worldwide
    26-International exchange programs
    27-Modern classrooms equipped with state of art technology
    28-Apartments at the disposal of students.
    29-Cultural and university diversity at the human level
    30-Richness of courses offered.
    31-Limited number of students per class.
    32- Importance of research
    33-Anchoring in the local economy.
    34-Respond to the need of international market.
    35-Efficient equipment.
    36-Search for development internationally
    37-Accommodation for foreign students

    DBA Program Structure:

    The UMEF, GENEVA degree DBA program has four stages:

    • The First stage: Research and statistical analysis skills
    • DBA - 600 Research Methodology
    • DBA - 601 Statistical Analysis
    • DBA - 602 Advanced Statistics
    • The Second stage: Improving the Managerial skills
    • DBA - 603 Advanced Studies in Management
    • DBA - 604 Advanced Studies in Marketing
    • DBA - 605 Advanced Studies in Human Resource Management
    • DBA - 606 Operations Management & Strategic
    • DBA - 607 Entrepreneurship and Business Development 
    • DBA - 608 Current Issues in Business Management
    • DBA - 609 Advanced Managerial Economics 
    • DBA - 610 Advanced studies in Finance and Investment
    • DBA - 611 Leadership & Decision Making


    • The Third stage: Improving the skills related to the specialization

    The student should select 5 elective subjects related to his/her specialization (Marketing in MBS).

    • MKE – 740 Marketing Information System
    • MKE – 741 Brand Marketing
    • MKE – 742 International Marketing
    • MKE – 743 Digital Marketing
    • MKE – 744 Marketing Theory and Practice
    • MKE – 745 Advanced Consumer Behavior
    • MKE – 746 Marketing Decisions Modeling


    • The Fourth stage: Improving the report and research writing skills
    • DBA – 800 Research Methodology for improving the thesis
    • Research Seminar
    • Thesis

    It is a practical study that takes at least one year to prepare and must be approved by the Faculty and University committees.

    Specialization in joint program:

    If you complete your program in Geneva, Switzerland campus, you will have four Choices as below:

    • Media and Communication
    • Finance & Investment
    • Management
    • Marketing

    If you complete your program in Mahan Business School campus you will have One Choice and it is marketing.

    Duration of program:

    The UMEF (DBA) degree is normally earned over a three year period of full time study after the Master’s degree and For Mahan DBA Graduate is earned 30 months.

    Method of instruction:

    Lectures, interactive workshops, small groups, seminars with practitioners, research and interactive case-studies.
    European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) Conformity with the Standards of the Bologna Declaration:
    Course organization and credit allocation conform with the Bologna Declaration standards. The curriculum is organized in modules, and ECTS credits for each module are divided between lectures, exercises and/or class work (on-site contact hours), examination hours, preparation hours and private study. These hours may be adjusted to meet the needs of particular subjects, but the basic principle remains that each 30-hour section is equivalent to one ECTS credit.

    Admission Requirements:
    • Holding a MA Degree
    • Knowledge of Advanced English Language.
    • Experience in Management at least 5 years.
    • Passing the oral interview.

    How to Apply

    Contact Information:

    For more information, please contact:

    Admission Office
    Hours : Monday – Friday
    08h30-12h30 - 13h30-17h30

    Tel: +41 (0) 22 732 07 12

    Fax: +41 (0) 22 732 07 11

    47-47A rue de Lausanne
    CH 1202 Geneva, Switzerland

    Email: info@ umef-university.ch

    Office Hours : M-F 9:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

    Web: www.umef-university.ch/-Inscriptions

    Mahan Business School(MBS)


    Tel : +98 21 88 40 13 13

    Fax: +98 21 89 78 80 42


    Address  :No.51 ,  East Mirza Zeinaly Alley, North Sohrevardi st , Tehran , Iran

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