• Mutual Cooperation Agreement

    Mahan Business School (MBS) is proud to announce that it has developed and broaden its direct cooperation with International American University ,IAU, located in Los Angles California which hold variety and diverse business management programs on BAA ,MBADBA class base and Hybrid as well as strong on line programs. Due to the fact that MBS holds a strong and internationally compatible E-learning system supported by the internal ICT Dept & Server that matches the system which is supported by IAU on line structure. This would enhance the quality of transferring the knowledge as well as the skills in upscale management to the students enrolled in the programs  which are the main objectives  of both IAU & MBS altogether. IAU has become a fast developing universities,specially, business management through the US and globally (in three different continents). Credibility and presenting top quality American Business Management education  has created a great trust between the U.S Immigration, naturalization services, and U.S Customs and IAU in a manner that the students who participate in any international programs with IAU if they so decide to continue their education within the U.S Immigration &Naturalization service would facilitate their students visa application(I-20) to enter the United States of America. The first MBA online program between MBS & IAU would take place in summer 2014 to exactly .For those students who participate in MBS & IAU mutual cooperation in MBA & DBA on-line programs on MBA 6 semester could be accepted by IAU and 30 semester hours need to be completed in a duration of 12 to 18 months . MBS recommends to those students who are seeking to receive the practical business management knowledge and skills and lack the sufficient time due to the presence of managerial responsibilities in Iran and experience a need to receive a global education supported by American standards to join MBS & IAU MBA as well as DBA on-line programs.

    phone number: +9821 88 40 13 13


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