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    History of Mahan Business School
    About Mahan
    Number of universities alumni in various fields of studies with the aim to help and enhance the application level of practical knowledge and with the prospect of training skillful managers, gathered and began their work in 2000. And now, after several years, having the experience of holding various courses in all fields and different levels were succeeded in establishing a Non Governmental Business School in Iran and proceeded of holding a reputable management program by  the name of 1-Year Training Program of Acquiring Business Skills-1 Year MBA, with official title as; Mahan Theoretical Training Cooperative Company, and in short  (Mahan) . 
    Mahan has begun to plan and organize of the above-mentioned program since 2004. MHEI, based on the latest information and global scientific changes and numerous consultations with the strongest centers of holding the program and in an extensive research, has proceeded to localize the texts and has the honor to introduce and present the first and the strongest center of holding MBA program in Iran and place its' services at the disposal of enthusiastic applicants.

    Message From Mahan Leader

    I praise a teacher who teaches contemplation not thoughts.
    In communication era, our surrounding environment is changing rapidly. Hence, living proudly in the Global Village demands specific superior skills. Optimal utilization of existing changes and opportunities would be merely made by acquiring managerial capabilities. Consequently, gaining recent knowledge and advanced sciences and technologies as well as educating applied knowledge techniques are vital.
    With cooperation of well-rounded managers, active in the fields of industry and services, we aim to walk effectively towards transferring applied knowledge to future managers.
    And have not other mission but educating based on science, skill and art of management.

    “Be Pleased and Please People”

    Hadi Sayyari
    Mahan Leade

    About Mahan


    Vision of Mahan Business School

    Have you ever thought about changing your Business Management Attitude ?
    Mahan Family
    More than a decade ago, as a result of sympathy, cooperation and contemplation of some universities elites and honored men of the business field , a successful and great thought called  Mahan Family with the perspective of nurturing efficient managers and entrepreneurs was born .
      Mahan is an organization with the mission of serving people, the philosophy of education and the greatest competitive advantages of creativity and innovation .


    Mission of Mahan Business School

    The world has been always subject to the Change and Revolution. Some terms such as super-industrial, technology era, classic management and modern management have been formed in line with explaining this change. The super-industrial technology and knowledge-oriented world need individuals and organizations that are capable of facing the most significant and risky decision making standards in the society requires optimizing and promoting the quality of management in social and economic organizations. In fact, management optimization can lead to increase of Productivity and presenting more products and services through current and existing potentials and facilities. Mahan Business School (MBS) holds the mission to promote business management education programs Such as Masters Of Business Administration (MBA) and Doctorate Of Business Administration (DBA) to fulfill the essential needs of executives, top & middle managers and managing professionals as far as the gap in their updated management skills & knowledge to face the realities & issues of global as well as the internal markets, ultimately develop their capabilities to direct their businesses successfully & contribute in empowering their nation s economy to their extent .

     About Mahan


    Objectives of Mahan Business School

    Expansion of knowledge and skills nationally and internationally in management and to be recognized as a role model Business School in Higher Education worldwide .
    Setting up a Non-governmental University of Management and Accounting, its preliminary approval has been issued by Ministry of Science Research and Technology of Iran.
    Advantages and Achievements of Mahan :
    After years of experience in presenting 1-year MBA course, Mahan Business School is honored to introduce its' achievements as below :
    Obtaining the National Brand title
    Ranking at 100 Top Brands of Iran
    The Selected Entrepreneur of the country
    The Superior Manager among the educational institutes in the national seminar of the countrys great educational institutions
    The Superior Manager in the field of management on the path of promotion with the procedure of the effective organizational leadership

    About Mahan


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