• Mission of Mahan Business School



    The world has been always subject to the Change and Revolution. Some terms such as super-industrial, technology era, classic management and mod ¬ern management have been formed in line with explaining this change. The super-industrial technology and knowledge-oriented world need individuals and organizations that are capable of facing the most significant and risky decision making standards in the society requires optimizing and promoting the quality of management in social and economic organizations. In fact, management optimization can lead to increase of Productivity and presenting more products and services through current and existing potentials and facilities. Mahan Business School (MBS) holds the mission to promote business management education programs Such as Masters Of Business Administration (MBA) and Doctorate Of Business Administration (DBA) to fulfill the essential needs of executives, top & middle managers and managing professionals as far as the gap in their updated management skills & knowledge to face the realities & issues of global as well as the internal markets, ultimately develop their capabilities to direct their businesses successfully & contribute in empowering their nation s economy to their extent .

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