• Dr Ali Akbar Farhangi

    Dr.Ali Akbar Farhangi
    The Communications Management Icon of Iran

    - Post-Doctorate degree in Organizational Communications (1983) U.S.
    - PhD in Communications (2nd PhD degree)- college of Communications-U.S.-Ohio Univ.
    - PhD in Management- School of Applied Behavioral Sciences & Educational Leadership

    Works (Author/Translator)
    - Cultural Technology & Evolution-Asfar Pub. (1985)
    - Human Relations, 1st Edition, Tehran Times (1994)
    - Human Relations, 2nd Edition, Rasa Pub. (1995)
    - Market Management (Marketing Management)- Amirkabir Pub.
    - Non-verbal Communications, The Art of using gestures & sounds, Islamic Azad Univ. (1996)
    - Tension in the Workplace: Recognizing Job Stressors & the practical methods to face them-Negaresherooz Pub. (2000)
    - The Manager’s Roles in Compiling & Promoting general Strategy (with Dr. Alvani)
    - The Manager’s Roles in Compiling & Promoting general Strategy (with additionals and a total review) ready to publish.
    Teaching Experiences
    - The professor of Tehran Univ. since 1999 up to now.
    - 1st professor of Tehran college of Management from more than 30 years ago.
    - General secretory of Mahan Business School MBA & DBA conferences.

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