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    Mahan MBA Course

    Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a treasure land of knowledge, experience, and practical skills to deal with management challenges and issues. It serves us to acquire a better viewpoint of management. This program will prepare you to have better career opportunity; opportunities which have not been offered, or noticed yet. Fundamental changes in management outlook as well as professional improvement are the benefits which you will reap. To take part in the MBA program would be a big personal investment and also an exciting experience. Why? The student will see himself among a community of managers and entrepreneurs who seek change in their management attitude, and improvement in their business skills and practical knowledge. Participants attend seminars and cooperate mutually, analyze various case studies, discuss the subjects related to today's business world, and conduct advisory projects and business improvement together.

    MBA Program Fields

    Mahan Business School, with the aim of specializing and coordinating the MBA programs to the needs of the students, offers specialized MBA courses( both online and live instruction) in diverse fields of marketing, strategy, finance, human resources, commerce, and also in special sectors of industry like pharmaceutical, energy, oil, HSE, banking, insurance, tourism, project management, and so forth.
    Advantages of Taking MBA at Mahan Business School
    - Realizing your knowledge, desires and plans as soon as possible
    - Enhancing the knowledge, skills, and performance of the managers in technical areas like marketing, advertisement, trade, sales, accounting, financial management, etc.
    - Augmenting managers' knowledge and skills in humane areas of management such as team building, team leadership, negotiations, using body language, etc.

    - Enhancing the knowledge of and the respect for "People's Bandwidth"- their physical, psychological and professional capabilities- and assigning them proper positions
    -Embracing the best technics and methods to manage organizations
    -Acquiring the capability to create a blue, pacific ocean
    - Increasing the performance of the employees as the real wealth of the organization
    - Acquiring the capability to steer the organization through storms and crises

    Special Characteristics of Mahan's MBA Program

    - Access to the program both live and online (and also LMS)
    - Gaining access to skill-focused teaching methodology characteristic of MBS
    - Acquiring knowledge under the guidance and support of reputable, and experienced professors
    - Enjoying 42 hours of specialized business language
    - Having access to second specialized orientation (100 hours)
    - Issuing certificates approved by Iran's Technical and Vocational Training Organization, and International Labor Organization (ILO)
    - Having access to take equivalent courses or pursue your education at international partner universities, like MSM (the Netherlands), UMEF (Switzerland), MSU (Malaysia), and IAU (the United States).
    - Holding the classes after working hours throughout the week, and also on the weekend
    - Providing an office-like and modern class environment for managers to get the maximum effect

    Education strategies

    Recruiting students with at least four years relevant work experience
    Using experienced professors with relevant executive background
    A class atmosphere of challenge, discussion, and experience exchange
    Utilizing diverse case studies to the points crystal clear
    Designing and implementing management improvement projects
    Role playing
    Team working
    Business games
    Educational workshops
    Film review
    Outdoor challenging
    Indoor challenging

    Educational Structure of the Program

    STAGE 1:

    1. Research methodology in management with strategic approach
    2. Theories of organization and behavior


    3. Strategic thinking and planning
    4. Strategy implementation
    5. Strategy control


    6. Finance strategies
    7. Market strategies
    8. Human resources strategies
    9. Behavior strategies
    10. Project strategies


    Personal experience essay and project submission

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