To create, improve, and implement new strategies for getting an upper hand in the business territory, is closely tied to a well-organized and scientifically-built attitude. As a business leader, you should grasp the waves of change in your business environment, adopt clear, coherent and effective strategies as to the directions you are moving into, consider others' viewpoints on the strategies, and make clear how these strategies would be put into action. Having systematical approach in view, strategic leadership is an invaluable asset of any organization. Strategic leadership manifests itself in people in various forms: prediction ability, being ready to face any challenge, analyzing and interpreting information, decision making ability, directing and enabling the employees, creating vital strategic changes, and constructing long-lasting competitiveness. DBA Program, having strategic orientation, prepares business leaders to make strategic changes. By focusing on research methodology and drawing on the latest practical knowledge of the field, Mahan's DBA program prepares the managers to utilize world-class research to their advantage.
    DBA course tends towards applied rather than theoretical studies and consequently is suitable for managers, executives and consultants. PhD in Business aims at the creation of new theories, while DBA aims at applying theory to business problems and issues. PhD in Business is more suitable for students who want to pursue a career exclusively in academics, while DBA has been designed for those who might wish to pursue a career in the business world as well.
    Not only do the managers learn to think critically, they also learn when and where the strategic changes are most needed. They also learn to lead and preserve their organizations in situation rife with uncertainty and challenge. The MBA program, by wedding theory and experimental information on designing and implementing strategy, helps the managers to acquaint the participants with diverse strategic viewpoints on the market, human resources, human resources, finance, technology, IT, production and the like. The research in this period is centered on the formation and preservation of the organization's competitiveness. This interdisciplinary program covers subject areas which have either direct or indirect impact on organizations' effectiveness. The lasting value of this program would be its practicality in the real world.
    The Advantages of the Period

    We have designed a group-oriented approach with the aim of making learning as easy as ABC. The program design has been grounded upon creating responsible leadership and deep understanding. The participants hold high executive positions in businesses, organizations and industries. They will no withhold from sharing their valued experiences, and have come to fully grasp the truth that: change is the only fixed law of the universe.
    The professors of the period are neither teachers nor advisors. Instead, they function as coordinators. By keeping their knowledge up-to-date and creating an atmosphere of research, experience exchange, and critical thinking, our professors prepare the students to become masters in issues related to business and leadership. Holding professional meetings with notable Iranian and international entrepreneurs helps the participants to monitor and analyze a wealth of relevant experience. Regarding the speed with which everything is changing, flexibility in programs and curriculum, is an integral part in our DBA program. At the end of each course, the students are required to write their personal views and experiences about issues and concerns relevant to their businesses.

    Other Strategic Goals of the Program include:

    - Integrating theory and practice in order to fostering innovation in the field of business
    -Informing the participants about strategic outlooks to business and planning
    -Enhancing critical thinking about business issues and opportunities
    - Using national and international date through analytic methods in order to back decisions with scientific proof
    - Incorporating ethics and idealism in sustainable business
    Creating expertise in practical and cross-disciplinary fields
    - Providing needed knowledge and expertise in order to conduct practical research
    - Equipping the students with behavioral knowledge, effective policies, and strategic issues, in order to boost their organizations' effectiveness.
    - Identifying, analyzing, and evaluating the inside and outside impacts of the environment on the organization in order to make strategic plans
    -Putting your acquired knowledge into practice
    Promoting managerial effectiveness in unstable, insecure, and complex situations
    - Encouraging students to ground their reasoning on scientific theory and evidence in the field of business
    -Fostering critical thinking capability in students
    - Juxtaposing diverse concepts and theories from various areas of business in order to develop a better view of the organization
    - Identifying, analyzing, and interpreting different issues and difficulties in the fields of business and management by using relevant theories and scientific evidence
    - Designing, implementing, and extracting results from practical research projects

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