• About Mahan

    A number of universities graduates in various fields of studies with the aim to help and enhance the application level of practical knowledge, and with the prospect of training skillful managers, gathered and began their work in 2000. And now, after several years and having the experience of holding various courses in all fields and different levels were succeeded in establishing a Non –Governmental Business School in Iran and proceeded of holding a reputable management program in different level of Higher education and establishing a privet business School proceeded holding management programs such as MBA and DBA under Mahan Theoretical Training Cooperative Company.
    Mahan has begun the planning and organizing of the said Program since 2004. MHEI, based on the latest information and global scientific changes and numerous consultations with strongest centers of holding the Program and in an extensive research, has proceeded to localize the texts and has the honor to introduce and present the first and the strongest center of holding MBA Program in Iran and place its services at the disposal of eager applicants.

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