Living in Malaysia

    Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia near the equator. Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia with boasting gleaming skyscrapers, colonial architecture, and lots of breathtaking natural landscapes. Malaysia has one of the large economies in Asia, and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in this country was worth about 314 billion US dollars in 2017. The current population of this country is about 32 million based on the latest United Nations estimates in 2018. The official language of Malaysia is Malay. However, English is widely understood and spoken in service industries, and is spoken by the majority of the native people. English is also the main language spoken in most private colleges and universities. Thus, tourists have no problem in communication with indigenous people. Malaysia is a multi-ethnic and multicultural country, whose official religion is Islam. However, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism are other religions which have lots of followers in this country. Because of multi-confessional state of Malaysia, this country is known as a unique country in the world.

    For Iranian residents there is no need to take visa for sojourn up to 14 days. However, invitation letter for visa would be available for students who want extend their trip.


    About University Putra Malaysia

    University Putra Malaysia (UPM) was established in 1931. UPM is located in the beautiful city of Serdang of Malaysia. This university is one of the most important and renown universities in Malaysia, and by offering plentiful undergraduate programs and more than 400 fields of postgraduate program has attracted students and staff from all around the world making it an esteemed global university. According to the latest ranking of universities the UPM is ranked 1st among Malaysian universities.


    About Faculty of Economics and Management and Putra business school of UPM

    The Faculty of Economics and Management (FEP) was established in 1974, as the fourth faculty in University Putra Malaysia. FEP has three departments including accounting and finance, economics, and management and marketing. This faculty is honored to gain AACSB accreditationas the first faculty in Malaysia. AACSB-accredited schools and faculties should have high qualities and standards in education. Thus, institutions and schools accredited by AACSB have proven their ability to educate and train successful and creative businessmen. Consequently, FEP as one of the accredited institutes by AACSB has been successful in educating and preparing their graduates by giving them every skill they need to be succeeded. Less than 5% of the world’s business schools have such accreditation and the Putra business school (PBS) is one of them. In addition, the PBS is awarded several different awards viz. Asia’s Best Business School Awards under the Outstanding Contribution to Education category (2011), the National Academic Awards (2010), and Higher Education Centre of  Excellence (HiCoE) (2010). Also, according to the latest ranking by Eduniversal, PBS is ranked 1st among business schools in Malaysia.


    PhD Program of PBS and Mahan Business School

     According to agreement between PBS and Mahan Business School, marketing would be presented in a PhD program at Mahan Business School. The duration of these programs are 7 semesters, and whole the process of education from application to the end would be accomplished in Iran. Each student during their education should go Malaysia just four times.


    The Mission and Vision Statement

    To offer high quality education at international standards, conduct research on current needs of society in order to find solution for these problems. In addition, prepare students to be a good manager and leader after graduation, and develop their linkages and to cooperate with industries and institutions. It is crystal clear that these people after graduation would have high abilities and capabilities to lead a company or organization.

    Admission Requirements

    ü  Submitting application letter

    ü  Submitting application form

    ü  Submitting curriculum vita

    ü  Certified copy of the Bachelor and MSc’s degrees, including a notarized English translation if the original degree is not in English language

    ü  A copy of a valid passport

    ü  Two passport sized photographs

    ü  Scientific interview with professors of Mahan Business School

    ü  Each student should submit language certificate until the end of the first semester (IELTS 6 and TOEFL PBT 550)


    Advantageous of This Program

    ü  This degree is certified by ministry of science, research and technology of Iran

    ü  Tuition fee of this program is significantly lower than similar programs in universities of Iran

    ü   This program is thesis based, and there is no need to attend in classes; thus, it is suitable for people with tight schedule

    ü   PBS would provide whole accommodations during sojourn of students in Malaysia

    ü   Students have one semester to submit language certification

    ü  Students after graduation would be qualified for attending management positions

    ü  This PhD degree would be certified all the world; thus, it is profitable for people who seek after emigration or working abroad


     Schedule and Timetable of PhD Program at PBS



    Academic Activity



    1) Attend courses

    2) Appointment of supervisor committee



    1) Continue remaining coursework (Advanced Research Methodology) if applicable

    2) Preparation of research proposal

    3) Submit notice of proposal defense



    1) Proposal defense

    2) Correction of proposal



    Data collection and analysis



    Submit thesis


    6th -7th

    1) Thesis examination

    2) Correction of thesis



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