• Invitation to Collaborating on Teaching and Research Focused Position

    To: Assistant Professor, Professor, Lecturer and Consultant of Business and Management

    The Education & Research Department of Mahan Business School (MBS) invites applications for a Collaborating on Research and Teaching Focused Position, with the aim of promoting the level of applicable scientific knowledge of Iranian Managers.

    The Requirements for the MBS Faculty Qualifications:

    Scholarly Academic (SA):

     Doctor’s Degree.

    7 Intellectual Contribution points *.

    9 publications.

    Practice Academic (PA):

    Doctor’s Degree.

    4 Intellectual Contribution points*.

    4 Professional Contribution points*.

    Practice Experience, Academic Scholars with Development and Consulting and Professional Engagement.

    Scholarly Practice (SP):

    Master’s or Doctor’s Degree.

    2 Intellectual Contribution points*.

    5 Professional Contribution points*.

    Professional Experience, Sustainable Scholarly Activities in the field of Teaching.

    Instructional Practitioners (IP):

    Master’s or Doctor’s Degree.

    10 Professional Contribution points*.

    * Intellectual Contribution points in according with Table 1 in below.
    * Professional Contribution points in according with Table 2 in below.
    Table 1- Intellectual Contributions Status:

    1-Peer reviewed journal article,
    2- Academic book (i.e. textbook) or academic book chapter or revision,
    3- Externally funded grant or grant proposal submitted to support scholarly research.
    4- Publication of a paper or abstract in refereed conference proceedings.
    5- Presentation of research at an academic conference,
    6- Other scholarly publication, journal editorial, book review, or paper published in
    Non-peer reviewed journal,
    7- Service as an editor, associate editor or member of an editorial board, or at least
    Two ad hoc reviews for journals,
    8-Active participation in a scholarly society such as holding an office, chairing a
    Conference or track in a major conference,
    9- Peer-reviewed presentation or poster at a scholarly conference,
    10- Membership on a team which performs an extensive review of academic Programs for a university.

    Table 2- Professional Contributions (Business Practice Activities):

    1- Recognized professional designations.
    2-Substantial business consulting.
    3- Full-time employment in a function related to teaching responsibilities,
    4- Membership on business boards of directors,
    5- Ownership interest in or substantial leadership responsibility for active
    Businesses including new entrepreneurial ventures,
    6- Active roles in business professional associations,
    7- Participation in organized professional development activities such as training Courses or faculty internships offered by firms or business professional Associations,
    8- Executive teaching for a business or professional association but outside of Recurring College degree or certificate programs,
    9- Publication of books or articles on business topics in popular or trade press reflecting current professional expertise.

    Having Experiences in: Patent Application, Honors, Awards& Grants, Invited Talk / Scientific / Selected Presentations, Career Development, Advising Experience, International Research and Study and Industrial experiences are special privileges.

    It is worth nothing that the application deadline is from 13 June 2018 until 5 July 2018 , so applicants should send a resume to: Facultymember@mahanbs.net.

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