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    The Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) located in Northern Cyprus, was established in 1979 under the leadership of Onay Fadil Demirciler (then Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education) as a higher-education institution of technology for Turkish Cypriots. In 1986, it was converted to a state university. The campus is located within the city of Famagusta.
    The university has 141 programs (11 Faculties and 5 Schools) offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as a research infrastructure. The medium of instructions are in Turkish and English. However, English Preparatory School is available for students who need to improve their English. The university also offers a variety of sports and social activities. Academic Programs of EMU are broad and include Physical and Social Sciences with considerable research studies via Research Advisory Board.

    Mission, Vision, Objectives, and Principles of EMU

    The Mission Statement To offer contemporary, sustainable and quality education at international standards, conduct research, contribute to the needs of the society, and meet the needs of all stakeholders and graduate students in a multicultural environment having international knowledge and competences
     The Vision Statement To become a preferred, participating, autonomous university open to change and development, producing science and technology and serving as a model with its multicultural diversity.
    The Objectives and Principles


    Our aim is to take EMU further ahead as the leading academic institution in the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Mediterranean.
    The objectives and principles of EMU while
    proceeding in this direction are as follows:

    • To train the students in becoming honest, innovative and professionally responsible individuals with distinct personalities who are capable of critical thinking and able to contribute to the society on scientific matters.
    • To develop cultural diversity, intercultural competence, and empathy within the University and in the society;
    • To contribute to the welfare of the society and peace in the region and the world;
    • To assume a pioneering role in the economic, social and cultural development of the country by giving highest priority to quality in areas of academic freedom, education and research;
    • To become a democratic, transparent and autonomous institution;
    • To present certification programs more efficiently and in a more widespread manner to the society and institutions by means of continuous education or distance education;
    • To prepare scientific research and developmental projects by considering the primary needs of the society and the country from the standpoint of development and growth;
    • To attach significance to collaboration of university-industry-institution-organization in scientific and technological research activities;
    • To accelerate the scientific and technological innovations and developments.




    The Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) has been evaluated and accredited by the following authorities:



    ABET: Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET
    Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering programs in Faculty of Engineering are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET


    ACA: The American Communication Association
    Faculty of Communication and Media Studies' Journalism (Turkish), Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design (English), Public Relations and Advertising (Turkish and English) and Radio-TV and Film (Turkish and English) undergraduate programs and Communication and Media Studies, Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design and Digital Media and Film postgraduate programs possess ACA Accreditation.

    AHPGS: (Akkreditierungsagentur im Bereich Gesundheit und Soziales) – Accreditation Agency in Health and Social Sciences
    EMU Faculty of Arts and Sciences Biological Sciences Department has AHPGS Accreditation.


    AQAS: Agency for Quality Assurance through Accreditation of Study Programs
    EMU English Language Teaching Department and Interior Architecture Department possess AQAS accreditation.


    ASIIN: Accreditation Agency for Degree Programs in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics
    EMU Information Technology program possesses ASIIN accreditation.


    EDEXCEL: Higher National Diploma-HND-UK
    EMU School of Computing and Technology and School of Tourism and Hospitality Management are EDEXCEL centers.

    FIBAA: Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation
    EMU Faculty of Business & Economics, Faculty of Tourism, School of Business and Finance, School of Computing & Technology and School of Tourism & Hospitality Management possesses FIBAA accreditation.


    MİAK: Mimarlık Akreditasyon Kurulu
    EMU Architecture Department has MİAK accreditation.


    NAAB: National Architectural Accrediting Board
    EMU Architecture Undergraduate Program has been granted a NAAB Substantial Equivalency


    TEDQUAL: Teaching Education Quality in Tourism
    EMU School of Tourism and Hospitality Management possesses TEDQUAL.


    TPD: Türk Pisikologlar Derneği
    EMU Psychology Undergraduate Program possesses TPD accreditation.


    Mahan business School and EMU


        Mahan Business School has recently signed an MOU and launched a collaborative program with Eastern Mediterranean University with focus on the following majors:

      Master of Business Administration (MBA)         
      Marketing Management                                                
      Finance and Banking                                             
      Tourism Management                                         
      Engineering Management                                    

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