• Mission and Vision

    The world has always been subject to Change and Revolution. Some terms such as super-industrial, technology era, classic management and modern management have been formed to grasp, explain, and make use of these changes. The super-industrial technology and our knowledge-oriented world demand individuals and organizations capable of making the most significant and risky decisions in situations rife with challenge and uncertainty. New standards require optimizing and promoting the quality of management in social and economic organizations. In fact, management optimization can lead to increase in productivity and performance. Mahan Business School (MBS) holds the mission to promote business management education programs such as Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) to fulfill the essential needs of executives, top and mid managers and managing professionals to promote their management skills and knowledge in facing the realities and issues of the global as well as internal markets.
    Mahan Business School's vision is to shine the brightest in Iran and to help managers to get ahead in national and transnational arenas. It dreams of a better world for all through better management and leadership and tries its best to make this dream come true.

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