We are strong believers in the need for
    transferring to our students a blend of
    academic knowledge and relevant, usable
    skills required by employers. This is achieved
    through a team of faculty who apply their upto-
    date knowledge on the current needs of
    employers in different sectors so that our
    students are prepared for prime career
    opportunities. Diverse teaching methodologies
    used by our faculty include:
    • Lectures
    • Debates
    • Case studies
    • Tutorials
    • Discussions
    • Presentations
    • Use of the computer laboratory
    • Research

    Exchanges with faculty are student-centred and
    classes promote dynamic interaction and open
    discussion. SU graduates develop and practice
    critical thinking as a vital skill in a complex

    Students Profile

    Our students are active, involved, and eager to learn; therefore, we teach to them. They mostly come from the coasts and states in its peripheries. Many come from professional backgrounds such as managers, businessmen, and a large percentage arrive with a strong entrepreneurial drive all ready to work in the different activities.

    International Faculty

    Supportive and accessible world-class faculties dedicated to the success of every student are at the heart of UMEF. The professors hold a combination of academic degrees from national and prestigious international universities. This results in a learning process that is based on the latest theory and research, combined with a practitioner’s insight and experience designed to support the student’s career aspirations.

    Each UMEF and Mahan professor is an academic and a professional practitioner, an expert in the latest trends in his respective field, intellectually productive and firmly rooted in both the academic and professional worlds.


    The organization of the courses and the allocation of credits to obtain the DBA degree are in conformity with the norms of the Bologna Declaration.

    The program of study is organized in modules. ECTS credits for each module are shared between research, improving the Managerial skills, improving the report, research writing skills, lectures, exercises or practical work in class.

    Each Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) candidate is assigned a research-active professor from SWISS UMEF University or the Mahan Business School (MBS) Tehran. The Supervisor brings a broad range of expertise and an international reputation in research on business innovation, change management and the organizational dimensions of technological change.

    Admission Requirements

    Candidates for this program must submit the following documents:
    • Minimum three years full-time work experience
    • A Master degree or equivalent, from a governmental approved University
    • Copies of all transcripts
    • An application form for admission, duly completed and signed
    • A Full Curriculum Vitae duly signed and dated
    • A copy of passport
    • Four (4) recent passport photos
    • A list of all published works (optional)
    • Presentation of a research project
    • A letter of interest highlighting your perspective on your professional future and why you believe UMEF is the right University for you


    The admission files are processed in the order they are received, and examined individually by the UMEF Head of Admissions.
    When the file is completed, the UMFE Head of Admissions hands it to the person in charge of studies for a complete verification.
    The 2016-17 DBA program starts in 14th September

    Complete application forms and documents must be submitted directly to:
    Mahan Business School (MBS), Tehran

    Admission Officer Mr. Sajjad Khatibi
    T. + 98 2188401313 (Tehran-Iran)
    E-mail : intl@mahanbs.net
    Website: www.Mahanbs.com

    Final acceptance to the program is the entire responsibility of SWISS UMEF University. It will be based on the following:
    •  Solid intellectual ability
    •  Progression in your career to date
    •  Demonstrated leadership and management potential
    •  Excellent interpersonal skills
    •  A desire to learn and contribute to the learning of others
    •  An interview with a Professor or the Dean of Faculty, in person or by telephone
     The final validation by the Academic Board

    In order to prepare your application, you can also contact UMEF:

    UMEF, Geneva

    SWISS UMEF University
    Mr. Walter Mareovich
    Tel: + 41 22 732 07 12
    Website: www.umef-university.ch
    E-mail: info@umef-university.ch
    45-47 Rue de Lausanne
    1201 Geneva, Switzerland

    Tuition Fees

    Tuition fees are directly paid to:

    Mahan Business School (MBS) Tehran

    For more information, please contact Mahan Business School.

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