Master of Business Administration

    One of the attributes of MBA is diversity in its presentation which can be in forms of Mini MBA, 1-year MBA and 2-year MBA. Our 1-year MBA course involves some advantages among which its applied and vocational advantage should be more considered. This attribute of Mahan 1-year MBA not also paves the way for students to make a broad communication network and build their personal brands, but also creates and multiplies soft skills and hard skills in students through learning from different expert and well-trained professors along with various methods of problem solving and/or student orientation, brainstorming, structure-centricity, case-studies and also holding educational seminars and workshops.

    Case-studies are the most fundamental educational instruments in our institute, since by case-studies, the real business circumstances of companies can be surveyed in real environments.

    Utilizing case-study methods in optimization of management is based on this fact that the “Management” is a skill to be learnt by lots of practice in the simulated situations as a result of receiving constructive feedbacks. Moreover, each student is respected as a case-study in this course and he/she will transmit his or her valuable experiences to other students through explaining his/her own business conditions, so that the students can learn from each other various practical and objective issues in various areas such as strategy, marketing, sales, advertising, human resource management and financial management.

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