Doctor of Business Administration:

    DBA is the critical last step for top Global leaders looking to deepen their expertise and contribute to the scholarship and practice of their profession.

    This Program takes the critical last step towards helping candidates master the problems and skills essential to their professions. A doctoral degree with managerial relevance, the DBA allows top managers to deepen their expertise, contribute to the knowledge of their profession, and prepare themselves for the complex analyses and decision-making required of senior management.

    The program is designed to cultivate the leadership and efficacy necessary to tackle the challenges of senior management on an international level.

    The world of business and management is undergoing rapid and professional changes. To adapt effectively and stay competitive, senior managers must possess, besides relevant management experience, outstanding academic qualifications such as the Doctoral Degree in Management.

    This challenging and intensive program aims to prepare highly, motivated and successful managers and professionals for the most senior positions in the industry or to enable them to build a successful new venture.

    Businesses are faced with tremendous change due to the rapid development of technology and economic growth that will result in the elimination of the traditional barriers of the trade of such as time, space and form DBA tends towards applied studies rather than theoretical and consequently is suitable for managers, executives and consultants. PhD in Business aims at the creation of new theory, while DBA aims at applying theory to business problems. PhD in Business is more suitable for students that want to pursue a career exclusively in academics, while the DBA has been designed for students who might wish to pursue a career in the profession as well. A typical DBA program has a dual purpose: (1) to contribute to both theory and practice in relation to business and management; and (2) to develop professional practice and to contribute to professional knowledge.

    Candidates in the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree program come from diverse professional backgrounds and possess considerable senior-level management experience.

    Candidates join DBA program to deepen their expertise, collaborate and network with their peers, and prepare for the complex analyses and decision-making required of senior management.

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